About Me

I was working in the corporate world for 21 years. I was excited about my job was eagerly learning and picking up new things. After the 10th year, the responsibility was higher as well the workload was heavier. I needed to work beyond the normal office hours of 8 am to 5 pm, most of the time till midnight to meet deadlines for reports for dual roles.

I spent hours on the road when traffic was bad. As I grow older each year, I began to realize that this is not a healthy working lifestyle and started to think of another career. Finally, “ be my own boss” came into my mind. After long research and thoughts, the idea to work online pop up into my mind.

Frankly, I want to work online because I want to live a life of freedom where I can choose to work anytime I want, and anywhere I prefer. Also, I can be my own boss, without needing to do the yearly appraisal, rushing for weekly/monthly report deadlines, attending daily/weekly meeting and most importantly it is hassle-free when comes to the travelling time.

I have been trying to earn online income since December 2017. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been easy for me as I need to learn everything from the basic or go step-by-step. I failed and frustrated on many occasions despite putting on so much efforts in my first year. I struggled to search and learn everything from the YouTube, even without having any technical expertise because getting one on one online business coaching too costly that it can cost up to a five (5) digits fee which is way out of reach for me.

Last October, I joined The Quick Start Challenge program hosted by award-winning marketing coach from the United Kingdom. They created a Facebook group by giving support and feedback to all team members. I was very blessed that I have known and made a good friend from this group, who is now my coach for the online business. I am really fortunate and thankful that she is giving me constantly FREE coaching. Her coaching (thorough step-by-step action), helped me to progress to today.

One thing for sure, there are many supportive and helpful marketers out there who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise through YouTube, Google and etc.  I really hope that more peoples will join the online business.





Thank you for dropping by and I hope you will come back again.